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Hello lovely,

Can you believe it’s already spring?!

Though the warmer days are highly appreciated, the chilly nights are something I’m still enjoying, because after a long day at work it’s blissful to curl up under a blanket, drink hot chocolate, read a book, and cuddle with someone special. Though I am looking forward to summer salads, smoothies, and picnics with friends!

My current 5 favourites to prep for spring are:

green iced tea via aurelian_s (Flickr)

1. Iced Green Tea with Lemon

A healthy, refreshing and antioxidant rich drink can be found in green tea, which also provides a much-needed caffeine kick. I like to make a pitcher of hot green tea, cover it, and leave it out overnight to cool. In the morning, I pour some in a glass and pop in a freshly cut lemon wedge. If you drink this first thing in the morning it will help get your digestive system in gear and re-hydrate your body after 8 hours of inactivity. As much as I’d like to get back to my days of drinking hot water right after waking, I find I prefer the taste of the green iced tea. I then feel no guilt drinking a hot cup of coffee after I arrive at work.

sugar scrub via lovelihood (Flickr)

2. Body Scrub

After the long winter months, it’s time to get rid of that dead, dry skin, so you won’t be afraid to bare it to the world in skirts and dresses. You can buy body scrubs from Wellness Warehouse, The Bodyshop, and even Woolworths, but I like to make my own and try to use it at least twice a week. It works wonderfully for dry feet, elbows, and knees. Once your squeaky clean, apply a moisturising cream or nourishing body oil and you’re set to show off your happy, healthy skin.

sunscreen via jeffwilcox (Flickr)

3. Sunscreen

I used to use sunscreen daily in my youth, throughout the various seasons – because as my mum always told me: the UV rays can still reach you on overcast days. Sadly, I’ve been neglecting this advice and can see the result of not following it in my skin (hello fine lines and freckles!)  Now that spring has arrived I’ve gotten back into the routine of applying a layer of sunscreen after my moisturiser, to keep those fine lines, sun spots, and seasonal freckles at bay. I’m sure that 40-year old me will appreciate the dedication I’m giving it now in my late 20’s.

flower hands nails via pixabay

4. Nail Buffer

Since the last few months of winter saw me sporting varied nail polish colours, it’s time to give my hands some TLC and enjoy a clean, fresh look for spring. I like to remove whatever polish is left, soak my fingertips in some warm water with lemon juice, and after 5 minutes of soaking, dry them off and massage some cuticle oil or coconut oil into them. Wait a while for the oil to fully absorb, and then buff your nails as directed with the nail buffer cube of your choice. Enjoy your shiny new nail! You can pick up a cheap buffer from Clicks or Dischem, or treat yourself to an Obey Your Body nail kit. Please only do this routine once a week – as overuse will result in your nail becoming brittle (le eek!).

ballet flats via cjnzja (Flickr)

5. Pumps

Though I love wearing boots in winter, nothing quite shows spring in the air as seeing the first few brave ladies out and about sporting colourful pumps. I usually get mine from Pick’nPay but sadly, the material they’re made from isn’t built to last, and after a few weeks of wear the colour starts flaking off. I’ve gotten some great mileage out of ones I bought on sale from Meltz, and I’m currently coveting and saving up for the leather ones at Woolworths.

Now it’s your turn to share with me what you’re loving this September!

Until next time,
Daughter of Dreams


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