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Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone out there! And apologies for the silence on my end.

It’s been a lot of fun this past week and a half, what with house-sitting and camping (both of which happened to be in area’s with no cell signal or internet availability). I also got a rather uncomfortable full-body burn which has fortunately faded, from swimming all day on the 27th Dec at the house-sitting house (and damn you Tropitone sunscreen – you washed off far too quickly in the water!). Camping from the 29 Dec – 1st January was made a lot more  uncomfortable interesting due to it, but despite that I had a wonderful time!

I’m not going to bore you to death with the day-to-day details from the trip, and rather save them for a follow up post later this week when I’m uninspired. Instead, this post is about my New Year Missions.

This post is partly inspired by my friend Dwayne’s blog post, The List (inspired by  my friend Mac Guinta), and also from Steve over at  Nerd fitness, who has indeed, inspired the hell out of me :p (and personally responded to an e-mail I sent in to belatedly welcome him to S.A, which both surprised me and made me smile, so if you read this, thanks for that Steve!).

Basically, the above mentioned blogs (and the one facebook group) have all at some point, agreed that resolutions we make on New year, tend not to be followed through. In my mind, this is mainly due to lack of enery, boredom, procrastination and laziness.  With varying ways of trying to follow through on the goals, it basically boils down to how badly you actually want to achieve your goals compared to whatever instant gratification you want. I wrote a post about it on blogger ages ago, so when I find the link, you can access it here.

So with no further ado, here are five of my missions for the year, with more to follow soon:

1. Make a pictotorial blog post from my cruise to Namibia coming up February 2012.

2. Consciously do some form of cardio-based activity at LEAST three times a week, for an hour either before or after work.

3. Write three pages every morning in my little A3 book, as recommended in “The Artists Way”.

4. Spend a half-hour to an hour every second day learning Spanish via an audio learning cd (which will work best in my car), and moving onto my intermediate Japanese lessons.

5. Start a collage of inspirational things, to keep motivated. (And print my wedding pictures … almost ten months later … oops!).

So those are my resolutions thus far. We’ll see how far I get with them, and what else I add (I’m being naughty and posting this at work), so editing and grammer will also come later when I’m home.

If you’re reading this, how do you stick to your new year resolutions? Or where did you fail and why?

Until next time.


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