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Hello from the back seat (Dani and Peter in front, Hubby and I in the back)

Hello from the back seat (Dani and Peter in front, Hubby and I in the back)

Gosh, this is starting to become a bit of a trend with me, isn’t it? What with sporadic posts every five months? πŸ™‚

Some news from my end is that I’m back from the most amazing weekend trip ever – in which our company content team and partners headed up to Knysna for the weekend! We got to do a brewery tour and tasting, walk Cheetah’s at sunrise, visit Monkeyland and Birds of Eden, walk, feed and touch Elephants, and then ended off our Saturday of crazed rushing by have supper at the most amazing restaurant in Knysna!

All the details about the where and what’s at will be showing up here in text and pictures in the next week (our company blog is doing a Knysna week so all first-hand stories will appear there first), but for now, I’d like to tell you about a fantastic website my friend Lauren found (who by the way, is a competition guru) .

The website is called WinStuff Β which basically says it all. The long description is that they’re a website with a current list of competitions offered by all kinds of suppliers and companies around South Africa (electronics, getaways, lifestyle and beauty, etc)!!! If you’ve never heard of them, do yourself a favour and head on over there now – all you have to do is answer brief surveys in exchange for an entry (it takes under 1 minute)!

Apart from that, things are well, hubby’s moved jobs to a new company up the road from my work, meaning we’re saving on petrol and driving time daily (plus, I get to do lunches with him again, yay!)

In the meantime, check out my Flickr account for some pics from the trip, and I’ll be back soon to fill you in on the incredible experience we had!

Ja ne till next time. ^_~


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