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Hello there darlings,

I know I skipped out on last month’s quote post, but alas being in another theatre show has taken a toll on my free time in the best possible ways *but still, tsk tsk to me for leaving you hanging!*.

This month’s quote has actually multiplied into several ‘quotes’ – and each of the below is a whopping big suitcase of emotional weight for me – since one of my all-time favourite actors was found dead in his room yesterday, with suicide suspected.

For those not in the know (or reading this years later, going “huh?”), I’m talking about Robin Williams, who I will always remembered for his role in Dead Poet Society as my “Captain, oh my Captain” (which could explain my love of Mal Reynolds, Jack Harkness, and Jack Sparrow later in life, but that’s besides the point of this post).

So as noted above, this month gets several quotes dedicated to the belated, inspiring, and gentle comic genius of Robin Williams, whom I will always admire, respect, and who I hope is in a better, more peaceful place now that his struggle with depression is over:


This makes me so sad now!








So this month, don’t take no for an answer. Seize the day, tell others you love them, care for those less fortunate without any expectations, and give of yourself generously. You never know who appreciates that smile or helping hand you give them.

Until next time.

Keep it shiny,

Daughter of Dreams

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