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Howdy folks,

It’s another grey day with smatterings of sunshine now and again in Cape Town. We’ve got our #madtea today for our Funday Friday so there’ll be some pics later for you to view. Since last night was a late one, I didn’t have time to pull together a super costume for it, but I did manage to cobble together a decent female mad hatter outfit, so yay! Some pics from the madtea shown below.

First up are the wonderful organisers as the Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit, Alice, and the Mad Hatter.

The awesome MadTea organisers



The table of eats and decor

The yummy jello shooters on a cupcake tree - no vodka, but sour worms!

The above two pics are of the decor of the room, and the jello desserts in the dining area – no vodka I’m afraid (we still had to work, after all), but the sour worms and sprinkles kept things interesting.

What’s new? Well, Hubby got to go see the incredible Madam Zingara at the waterfront last night (so, so jealous!) as a last-minute work event – and – he’s agreed to take me next year since I’ve never been able to go before!! ๐Ÿ˜€ *does dance of joy*ย  I did front of house at the Masque Theatre last night, which is always fun, plus all the cool theatre peeps were out and about so got to do some catching up with them. In case you don’t know, A Handful of Friends is showing at the Masque theatre, and it’s final performance will be tomorrow night – so get tickets and come and support!

In other news, my nasty cold is almost completely gone (just that darn cough still lingering), so feeling 100% better than before.

Also, I’ll be house-sitting for the next 2 weeks, so there may be an update at some point … or not. ย ^_~

I’m so, so, so sleepy today – as in eyes keep wanting to close – but another cup of coffee may do the trick (is 4+ cups of coffee a day a bad thing? It seems to do the trick.

Ja ne for now.


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Teatime by Tico24 (Flickr - attribution)

Gosh, it’s been almost a month since I last posted – eek! And no, there are no pictures for this post because I’m feeling lazy (if you could only hear my heart-wrenching cough you’d forgive me). You can however check out my newly added twitter feed on the right hand ย side … somewhere …it is showing, right? The text for inserting the widget was a wee bit confusing since it told me to add my handle in too on the help page #epic fail. Once I figured out that it was only the number string for the id that the widget wanted, I was A for away … I think. ^_~

Where am I? Well, I’m now sitting at home, cuddled up in a fluffy microfiber blanket, drinking a piping hot (and yucky) med lemon for my current cold – hubby’s not to blame – though he did have it first – as he did his best to avoid me, but I’m persistent and I love kisses! ^_~

So I lied, here’s another picture for you. Click on it to read a cool post on writers block.

Crushed dreams, crumpled paper. By photosteve101 (Flickr attribution)

What have I been up to? Well, I did a brief stint as a freelance travel writer on my off-hours from work, only to be nicely told by my directors (after I told them about it – smart or stupid, you decide) that I’m technically not allowed to do any freelance travel writing *facepalms*. So no building up to become a world-famous travel writer, or build my Google authorship credentials in my down time (which in turn would have helped the company credentials coming full circle for symbiosis, but alas, they think it will detract from my writing for them). ย As it stands, any freelance work outside of travel writing is fine since it’s not in direct conflict with my awesome day job. Oh catch 22 how I do love you.ย On that note, anyone want some freelance blogging on lifestyle, fitness, home & garden or gadgets? I can also do editing, ghostwriting, and proof reading (and am a sci-fi and fantasy nut)! ๐Ÿ˜€

In hindsight, since it wasn’t expressly forbidden in my contract, but it was murky enough, I could should have checked before accepting the awesome out-of-the-blue offer to do it, but cest la vie as they say in France. Now I know, and hey, that’s how life works sometimes. No hard feelings on any side, I got a brief taste of what freelancing was like, and a nice reminder my travel writing is decent (insert heroic pose here).

I’m pretty sure half the reason I considered freelancing (the other half was monetary since hubby and I want to buy property) was because I spend 80% of my day doing website admin and reviews, and just under 15% on writing and researching. So yes, my posts on my work blog haven’t been dazzling inspirations, but a lot of them have been in the making for the last few months, so at least they’re now out there. I miss writing over 5 posts a day – I rocked at it, but as the company grows, more time is devoted to admin. Le sigh.

All the work/writing stuff aside, I’m happy to say that hubby and I had an awesome time in Hermanus with our friends. I’m a bit ashamed to say that it was my first trip out to that fantastic whale-watching town, but I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend away, and now know how to ย make a burger from scratch (so it tastes amazing!). If you’re in the area, check out the restaurant Coco’s, and try to catch the amazing (I fell in love with them) Gypsy James. If you head to the club around the corner (Stratos / Strios?) you can enjoy some decent music and dancing (and watch incredibly talented street children jamming along to the beats outside, they won’t say no to any coins you may give them when you exit the club out the front).

Well, that’s it from me today. I’m going to go back to some Facebook games, and then climb into a warm bed. If the rain lets up in the week, you may get to see some photo’s from around town. I’ve been thinking of entering into the 365 days photography challenge, but need to first practice my shots for a bit. ^_^

Ja ne till next time.

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Me, posing at my Primary School Reunion - got a bit of a New Girl thing going on :)

Me, posing at my Primary School Reunion – got a bit of a New Girl thing going on ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello lovely people,

I know this post is incredibly belated – and I’m done with making excuses – life gets in the way, and since last year May when I did the play “Eat Your Heart Out”, I then ran headlong into doing props for Blythe Spirit, while at the same time as rehearsing for the Ben Crocker production of Aladdin (as a chorus member .. it was so much fun, and I met so many amazing people!).

The best way to sum up being back in the theatre would be to call it a wonderful, crazy, disjointed, maddening, thrilling, adventure. Thanks to Glee for letting me have the song “As if we never said goodbye (sung by Kurt originally by Barbara Streisand)” running through my head fairly often – which made it a bitter sweet experience being back that first month back in the theatre (as opposed to being in the foyer).

aladdin afterparty

At the Aladdin after party: (Michaela, Me, Marcel, Wayne)

Of course, the full experience was tempered with seeing the odd friend and my family whenever I had a spare moment and I must say I’m proud that I slimmed down a bit, which was an unexpected bonus (bye-bye chin fat!). I also managed not to burn myself out (which I do sadly, have a tendency to do). Sad news is that one of our kittens, Indigo, passed away over the festive season from a blood parasite – it was very sad, as she would have turned one year in January. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It was a sad week, but everyone at the play was very supportive and kind – which was much appreciated.

Now that January is out the way with it’s hectic “back to work” madness, I’m feeling a little more relaxed, but not rested as of yet *sigh*.

What have I been up to lately? Well, since Aladdin finished just before Christmas, I went straight into the festive season, and the run-around we usually do with our families. My birthday/Christmas present to myself (‘cos I only get to have a birthday on the 12/12/12 once in my life) was a Asus Google Nexus 7 – the perfect travel-sized companion for jotting down notes, having a gaming and media centre on the go, and of course, downloading a ton of books (I’m even considering setting up a paypal account, just to pay for those I really want on Kindle). The only downside I currently see is that it’s impossible to connect to the internet while roaming around, but as I mainly use it between work and home, I can live with it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hubby and me on left, with bride getting given away by her father.

Hubby and me on left, with bride getting given away by her father.

Over Christmas to the end of the first week of January, hubby and I house-sat for friends, kitty-sat for different friends, and I got a weekend away when we went to the wedding of a good friend, which happened out in Yzerfontein (google map it if you don’t know where that is).

The wedding was a lovely affair on the beach, and though it was the brides third wedding to the same man – it was still a special event for all of her friends here in South Africa who couldn’t make the two in Canada (and a laid back affair in comparison to the other two … or so I’ve been told).

The third and fourth week of January was spent playing catch-up with work, and buying ourselves two amazing new pillows each from a wedding voucher we received … two years ago (gosh, it’s our 2nd anniversary this March … time sure flies!).

In other news, hubby wants to try and move us to New Zealand in the next year or two, and we’d spend a few years there, so we can actually earn enough to go travelling around the world – unfortunately on an average South African salary, it’s not that possible to do (unless you want to take out loans, which from all I’ve seen and heard, is a big no-no).

I’ll do an update after Valentine’s Day as we have plans to go back to Yzerfontein for the weekend. I originally wanted to do a romantic weekend away, but hubby got wires crossed, and invited a group of friends we were hoping to take up later in the month. That wasn’t my first choice, but it is guaranteed to be a great experience, so you’ll hear no grouching from me ๐Ÿ˜‰

So Ja ne, au revoir, totsiens,

Until next time.

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The brilliant performers from "Eat Your Heart Out"Hi all,

Gosh the weather is miserable in Cape Town today! Rain, wind, and I wouldn’t be surprised if snow followed again some times this week … can I get a brr!!!

So last night was the opening performance of “Eat Your Heart Out”, which coincidentally happens to be my debut to the Theatre world, after being absent from the stage for eight years, (yes, my last performance was in high school … and putting a time frame to that has made me feel very, very old! :p). It was a roaring success, despite a few small hitches which shall not be named, in order to prevent any jinxes, and whatnot during the week of our run.

My fellow thespians are brilliant, and the list of them includes my long-time friend Wayne, sweet and innocent Michaela, humorous Rudy, hysterically funny Daniel and Jana; positive Rebecca, sage Paul and Tobey, jack-of-all-trades Gareth, and of course our wonderful director Tom. Sue, Jabu, and Claire have all been invaluable as well, assisting with costumes, lines, and everything else under the sun! Without them, things would have fallen apart very quickly!

Tonight’s going to be our second performance so keep your fingers crossed for us folks, we’re at the Masque until Saturday, 18th of August!

Until next time,

Daughter of Dreams

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Shocked by David Goehring(Flickr).

Shocked by David Goehring(Flickr).

So I was rather amazed to realise that two months have just flown by, without having updated here! I apologise to the readers out there … and honestly have no good excuse *bad, bad DOD*.


Two great things that have happened since I last updated:

  • My laptop has finally been fixed as of yesterday, after being MIA for the past five months. *Does small squee of joy* – so expect a few catch-up posts in the next week or two (if i can convince my mom-in-law to give it back for a bit ;p).
  • It was my one-year anniversary and my hubby spoilt me quite a bit! He printed up (on canvas) pictures from our wedding and placed them around the house. (Pics to follow). On Monday, he picked me up from work and brought along a dozen red roses, before whisking me away to Bardelli’s restaurant (a quaint little pizza-pasta place in Kenilworth) – which we last went to the night he proposed to me. *Happy sigh* I have an awesome guy! ๐Ÿ˜€ My gift to him, was a big ‘ol bag of biltong and a nice leather wallet … not quite a paper anniversary gift, but since it will be used to hold “paper” money, it sorta works out ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you’re curious about what I’ve been up to, here’s the low down:


  • The Cruise on the MSC Melody from Cape Town to Namibia was fantastic! I highly recommend cruising if you want five star service, and an array of activities you don’t have to drive miles to (as it’s all on board!). I wrote a work blog post about why it rocked, which you can read here.
  • Namibia was awesome as well – a very stark contrast though to the scenery I’m used to. The streets were a lot wider which is awesome, and the view at the end of the road of looming sand dunes was pretty cool. I did attempt to climb dune 7 – but was wearing flip-flops. Bare feet on hot sand is not a good idea … so ifย  when we go back, I’ll make sure to wear closed shoes! We got to visit the hospital hubby was born in, as well as visit the lagoon. Next time, a 4×4-ing adventure would be fun as well!
  • Once we got back from the cruise, it was all good for about a week, with braai’s, visiting friends and family, and lots of kitty cuddles. But then the flu struck and put me out of commission for a whole week! To date, I’ve still got a rather disturbing cough so … a visit to the doctor is in order, but I just don’t have the time right now!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  • I was invited by a close friend to enter a belly-dance display with her. I haven’t really practiced at all since my return to SA in 2007, so a lot of work is going to be needed. Luckily, the event is only happening mid-May, so there’s some time to re-learn everything I’ve forgotten in the past five years … and having wrote that, I feel a little bit old. :p
  • We installed a ceiling fan in the bedroom, to combat the exhausting heat we’ve been having. However, now my kitty Pumba (who adopted me as soon as I met him) doesn’t want to cuddle anymore … he gazes up at the turning blades with terror before bolting out the door. He’s a bit on the tubby side, so to see him move as fast as lighting, kinda drove home that he hates it! We’ve been coaxing him back slowly bit-by-bit, but he’s still not entirely comfortable with it and leaves half-way through the night *Sad sigh*.

    My cute yet slightly diabolical looking (thanks for that Patrick G) little boy - Pumba

    My cute yet slightly diabolical looking (thanks for that Patrick G) little boy - Pumba

  • The two new kittens are fitting in well, although when we feed them morning and night, it’s like they’ve never seen food before! They’ve also developed the annoying habit of sneaking in below the older cats and munching on the food they’re eating … this in turn, upsets the older cats who swat them none-too-gently. Ay-yai-yai …Our solution thus far has been to put food into the kittens bowls first so they can munch, before feeding the older cats. Then a fun game of “Catch the kitten” ensues – as they’ll eat their food for about a minute before wandering over to the bigger cats bowl to try and steal a mouthful or two – but they still have food in their bowl!
  • The anniversary dinner as mentioned above was awesome! I highly recommend their Catalina Salmone pasta – little salmon parcels in a creamy sauce with tomato – heaven!! Their Figaro pizza is also delicious – though this time round Mr. got the Pablo – a simple but delicious pizza, which tastes even more amazing with their chili on the side.

So this is my lighting fast update on where I’ve been, and what’s been happening.

Some more random posts to follow soon!

Ja ne till then,

DOD ^_~

Taken while in Knsyna

Me (DOD) chilling at a mini-waterfall in Knysna - my awesome hubby took the pic

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Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone out there! And apologies for the silence on my end.

It’s been a lot of fun this past week and a half, what with house-sitting and camping (both of which happened to be in area’s with no cell signal or internet availability). I also got a rather uncomfortable full-body burn which has fortunately faded, from swimming all day on the 27th Dec at the house-sitting house (and damn you Tropitone sunscreen – you washed off far too quickly in the water!). Camping from the 29 Dec – 1st January was made a lot moreย  uncomfortable interesting due to it, but despite that I had a wonderful time!

I’m not going to bore you to death with the day-to-day details from the trip, and rather save them for a follow up post later this week when I’m uninspired. Instead, this post is about my New Year Missions.

This post is partly inspired by my friend Dwayne’s blog post, The List (inspired byย  my friend Mac Guinta), and also from Steve over atย  Nerd fitness, who has indeed, inspired the hell out of me :p (and personally responded to an e-mail I sent in to belatedly welcome him to S.A, which both surprised me and made me smile, so if you read this, thanks for that Steve!).

Basically, the above mentioned blogs (and the one facebook group) have all at some point, agreed that resolutions we make on New year, tend not to be followed through. In my mind, this is mainly due to lack of enery, boredom, procrastination and laziness.ย  With varying ways of trying to follow through on the goals, it basically boils down to how badly you actually want to achieve your goals compared to whatever instant gratification you want. I wrote a post about it on blogger ages ago, so when I find the link, you can access it here.

So with no further ado, here are five of my missions for the year, with more to follow soon:

1. Make a pictotorial blog post from my cruise to Namibia coming up February 2012.

2. Consciously do some form of cardio-based activity at LEAST three times a week, for an hour either before or after work.

3. Write three pages every morning in my little A3 book, as recommended in “The Artists Way”.

4. Spend a half-hour to an hour every second day learning Spanish via an audio learning cd (which will work best in my car), and moving onto my intermediate Japanese lessons.

5. Start a collage of inspirational things, to keep motivated. (And print my wedding pictures … almost ten months later … oops!).

So those are my resolutions thus far. We’ll see how far I get with them, and what else I add (I’m being naughty and posting this at work), so editing and grammer will also come later when I’m home.

If you’re reading this, how do you stick to your new year resolutions? Or where did you fail and why?

Until next time.

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Themes and Beyond

Hmm, now my post is up, its time to pick a theme! So don’t be surprised if this blog goes a bit Chameleon over the next week or so. I’ll be adding one or two pages as I go, and since I’ve got WordPress for BlackBerry, I’ll try and update on the go when I can’t be near a computer.

Over and out,
Daughter of dreams

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