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My December 2013

Hello darlings,

Welcome back. I hope you’ve had a Christmas break, and are gearing up for New Years.

What have been up to since my last post? Well …

Flowers from work and prezzies

There was my birthday, which started with flowers from my work, and prezzies from my friends!

Hubby and I at Polana

That evening, my wonderfully hubby took me to Polana, in Kalk Bay, for a romantic supper with a view!

Polana in pictures

And after we were sated with some delicious sea food, we took a coastal drive, and stopped to admire the view.

Boyes drive view.

Saturday was a night of catching up with my friends done at The Toad on the Road.

Toad on the Road memories

The next day there was Christmas cake decorating from scratch, at the McBain clans home.

Cake making at Zitas

The winners in order, were from right to left. ^_^ It was a ton of fun, and we’re hoping to do it again for Christmas 2014.

McBain cakes

You’d think I’d be pretty exhausted from 5+ hours standing and decorating, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But since it was a day of food crafting, hubby joined me later for a night of home-made pizza making at the McLeods. It was, in short, fun to do, and really, really yummy!

2013-12-16 17.46.41

Of course, since I hadn’t done anything with my family for my birthday, I quickly rectified that by doing breakfast with them the following week at the River Cafe, in Constantia. It has a lovely outdoor atmosphere, friendly staff, may be considered a tiny bit  pricey, but I have to say the price tag is definitely in line with the food served.

The River Cafe breakfast

We also did lunch with Barbara, Jose, and friends at Blue Peters, in Blouberg. It was a stunning day there, with sunshine, the scent of the ocean, a  beautiful outlook, and some great food!

Blue Peter


And that about wraps up what I’ve been up to in December 2013.

Let me know what your last few December days were like.



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Hello there lovelies,

Me at the Impi Challenge. By RoseMcBain

Gosh, what a busy time it’s been!  I seriously need to get myself a better laptop in the upcoming months, as my  sweet little MSI from 2009 is long past it’s good years. It has a tendency to freeze every 5 minutes, for 5 minutes and though I’m fairly patient, it’s bringing me to the point of smashing my head into the keyboard, or tossing it out the window! Writing, gaming, and editing photo’s are a fun pass time for me, but there are only so many tea-breaks you can take, while the computer freezes and thinks, before the urge to scream begins to build inside. *le dramatic sigh*

Rope. By alykat (Flickr)

Aside from wanting to off my computer, what have I been doing? Well, since the start of October, I’ve been prompting twice a week for an upcoming show at the Masque Theatre called “Rope”. I won’t give too much away for those of you going to see it, but the cast is superb, the set will be amazing, and it’s a clever story on friendship, murder, staying calm under pressure, and ultimately, learning there is no such thing as the perfect crime. It’s heading to the Masque Theatre in Muizenberg at the end of November, so be sure to book your tickets!

Impi Challenge friends by RoseMcBain

I haven’t been hiding out indoors, despite the temperamental weather, and recently, hubby ran the Impi Challenge in Cape Town with team Dude. As hubby *the sexy man he is* geared up for the event, Mama Di and I wandered around the beautiful Lievland wine estate, and enjoyed the festive outdoors atmosphere. There were plenty of food and drink stands around, and this year, the organisers brought in some portable showers, so the hardy contenders could scrub off the mud and grime, before heading home, or enjoying the bands who played late into the evening.

impi challenge views by RoseMcBain

I was lucky to be chosen to sound the horn for Hubby’s race, and being an air-horn it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be (I played the trumpet and saxophone in high school, so an air horn was a breeze). My friend Peach, shown above, was in team Sparta, and they also went in hubby’s race group, so when I sounded the horn they ran like crazy for the zigzagging hill to start the challenging but fun 12km race and obstacle course. If you’re rolling your eyes and wondering how intense the Impi really could be, you should know obstacles included crawling under barbwire, scaling a tall wooden fence, crawling through a pipe, swimming a lake, wading through mud, running like hell, and the final challenge: racing across lilypads to the finish. When Team Dude did finish, they got their turn to have a photograph with the winners Impi shield, and happily went in for some beers and food. 

Colour run participants. By RoseMcBain

I also attended the “Colour Me Crazy Colour Run” with hubby. Fantastic event, gorgeous scenery, some cute ostriches, and hundreds of people. If you wind up going to one of these events in the future, please, please, please do yourself a favour and take some antihistamines with you – the dry grass, wind, and colourful paints tossed about are not a friend to those with hay fever or sinus issues. Even with a buff, as  I was taking photo’s, I couldn’t stop sneezing – and ended up half-crying from it (though the pics turned out fine). Two and a bit hours in, hubby and I had to admit defeat, and headed to the nearest pharmacy for some eye drops and Texa10. A half hour later, we were feeling great again!

Halloween fun day. By RoseMcBain

Our Fun day Friday work theme was Halloween, and the team did an amazing job at decorating the room, as well as proving yummy eats! The costumes were creative and fun, and there was even spooky music playing, to help set the mood.

Model Co Gift Bag. By RoseMcBain

For those wondering, I’ve been trying out some wonderful skin care products bought at the beginning of last month, to be reviewed in an upcoming post, and I must say, they are fantastic at soothing my skin (and came in super handy after the Colour Run, to get the dye colours off our skin and hair too!).

Lynda J Photography gift certificate. By RoseMcBain

The most exciting thing so far happened this past weekend, where hubby and I got to redeem a voucher for a couples photo shoot in the forest, with the wonderful Lynda J! Story on the shoot and pics coming soon – but as a quick summary: Fantastic!!!

On a slightly down note, I’ve also managed to get a squashed pointer finger in the car door by a friend accidentally closing it *le ouch*, but totally my fault as finger was in the way. Hubby said he was amazed I was so brave, as I didn’t shout, swear, or cry, I just repeated a couple of times “You’ve locked the car on my finger … my finger’s in the car door”. I felt a blinding white pain, and my “Keep calm and Carry On” instincts kicked in, allowing me to keep a level head. I won’t bore you with the details of the doctors visit (that included a 45 minute wait), and just surmise by saying typing is a bit slow, and the finger in question is still pretty painful to touch. (If you’re squeamish, scroll quickly past the pic of it below).

My finger 4 hours after it was squished. By RoseMcBain

Now, a week later, apart from a bright blue nail and healing cuts (for which I was taking pain meds for), I’ve been keeping it elevated (why hello there, one-handed hug) and rubbing Arnica oil on it (gingery, very gingery). With all this TLC, I have the feeling it’ll get better soon (I hope)!  The doctor said I’ll likely keep my nail, so all in all, no harm, no foul. ^_^

I will be catching up with everything I’ve missed out on, due to le finger, so as soon as I have a spare moment, I’ll get all the pics and posts up.

Until next time,
Ja ne minna

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Hey you, I’m back! ^_^

It’s been a fun week what with house-sitting, and an exciting skit, that was written and directed by my good friend W.

First up, meet the two cute kitties I’ve been looking after:

Pickle is an old friend from the previous TG office, where he melted my heart from the moment he started napping on my desk. I adore him, and it was awesome seeing him again, and waking up to this each morning:

Pickle in the morning - cutest sight to wake up to

So cute!

The second kitty is Chloe. She took a while to warm up to me, but soon happily curled up beside Pickle and I on the couch, watching Dr Who.

Chloe being cute and floppy.

During the past week there was a sudden rush to learn lines for the skit called “Finding Emily”. Long story short, the dates for when the performance would happen were mixed up *le sigh* (but oh the frenzied fun). Our actual performance on Friday the 4th went off without a hitch, and it was great working with W as a director.

Onto the pretties: in other news, I was lucky to attend a discounted skin care sale last week, located at an office right next door to our company.

Lo, Des and I had a blast spritzing, applying, and testing from a wide selection of products, leading us to the “should I, shouldn’t I buy it?” phase. Which was a very tough call to make, with all the great options available. At the end of it, we each ended up with a good haul of products from companies such as Smashbox, Decleor, and Yves Rocher!

And with supper almost done, I’d say this is a wrap for today.

Ja ne minne.

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Me, posing at my Primary School Reunion - got a bit of a New Girl thing going on :)

Me, posing at my Primary School Reunion – got a bit of a New Girl thing going on 🙂

Hello lovely people,

I know this post is incredibly belated – and I’m done with making excuses – life gets in the way, and since last year May when I did the play “Eat Your Heart Out”, I then ran headlong into doing props for Blythe Spirit, while at the same time as rehearsing for the Ben Crocker production of Aladdin (as a chorus member .. it was so much fun, and I met so many amazing people!).

The best way to sum up being back in the theatre would be to call it a wonderful, crazy, disjointed, maddening, thrilling, adventure. Thanks to Glee for letting me have the song “As if we never said goodbye (sung by Kurt originally by Barbara Streisand)” running through my head fairly often – which made it a bitter sweet experience being back that first month back in the theatre (as opposed to being in the foyer).

aladdin afterparty

At the Aladdin after party: (Michaela, Me, Marcel, Wayne)

Of course, the full experience was tempered with seeing the odd friend and my family whenever I had a spare moment and I must say I’m proud that I slimmed down a bit, which was an unexpected bonus (bye-bye chin fat!). I also managed not to burn myself out (which I do sadly, have a tendency to do). Sad news is that one of our kittens, Indigo, passed away over the festive season from a blood parasite – it was very sad, as she would have turned one year in January. 😦 It was a sad week, but everyone at the play was very supportive and kind – which was much appreciated.

Now that January is out the way with it’s hectic “back to work” madness, I’m feeling a little more relaxed, but not rested as of yet *sigh*.

What have I been up to lately? Well, since Aladdin finished just before Christmas, I went straight into the festive season, and the run-around we usually do with our families. My birthday/Christmas present to myself (‘cos I only get to have a birthday on the 12/12/12 once in my life) was a Asus Google Nexus 7 – the perfect travel-sized companion for jotting down notes, having a gaming and media centre on the go, and of course, downloading a ton of books (I’m even considering setting up a paypal account, just to pay for those I really want on Kindle). The only downside I currently see is that it’s impossible to connect to the internet while roaming around, but as I mainly use it between work and home, I can live with it 😉

Hubby and me on left, with bride getting given away by her father.

Hubby and me on left, with bride getting given away by her father.

Over Christmas to the end of the first week of January, hubby and I house-sat for friends, kitty-sat for different friends, and I got a weekend away when we went to the wedding of a good friend, which happened out in Yzerfontein (google map it if you don’t know where that is).

The wedding was a lovely affair on the beach, and though it was the brides third wedding to the same man – it was still a special event for all of her friends here in South Africa who couldn’t make the two in Canada (and a laid back affair in comparison to the other two … or so I’ve been told).

The third and fourth week of January was spent playing catch-up with work, and buying ourselves two amazing new pillows each from a wedding voucher we received … two years ago (gosh, it’s our 2nd anniversary this March … time sure flies!).

In other news, hubby wants to try and move us to New Zealand in the next year or two, and we’d spend a few years there, so we can actually earn enough to go travelling around the world – unfortunately on an average South African salary, it’s not that possible to do (unless you want to take out loans, which from all I’ve seen and heard, is a big no-no).

I’ll do an update after Valentine’s Day as we have plans to go back to Yzerfontein for the weekend. I originally wanted to do a romantic weekend away, but hubby got wires crossed, and invited a group of friends we were hoping to take up later in the month. That wasn’t my first choice, but it is guaranteed to be a great experience, so you’ll hear no grouching from me 😉

So Ja ne, au revoir, totsiens,

Until next time.

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Good day world,

Today, on this monumental occasion of my 25th Birthday, I’ve decided to start you, in the hopes that I will find some kind of willpower to keep you going (yes, I realise this is not the best way to start a post, but hey, I figure people should know …)  for those who don’t know me, through my relatively short time on earth I’ve started 3 other blogs. The first of which began half-way through high school, the second in America, and the third about a year ago. Sadly through the years I’ve neglected all of them quite horribly (abandoned may be a better word).

On reflection as to why they were abandoned, I can only plead lack of motivation and a general distrust of throwing information about myself haphazardly onto the internet.

However, since I’m now technically an adult *insert small whimper* I feel I should shoulder the responsibility of sticking with something (other than my wonderful family and husband), even when I don’t know what to say… or rather write about.

Cloud streaked skies, with cool waters below. (C) Roseanna McBain

And on the days I’m particularly verbose, I hope to provide wonderful witty insights, interesting tips, and hopefully write posts that will appeal to people of all ages, genders and nationalities.

After all, when you boil everything down and then throw it out of the picture, we’re all human beings, and as such, should treat each person we meet *including bums, bergies, homeless people and opposing sports teams* with a quiet dignity and respect. We are after all, judged on how we act and appear, and what better way for something positive to be picked up, than for everyone to start treating others how they’d like to be treated (I’m talking to all the Xenophobes out there).

Its easier to get angry in response to things, and much harder to remain calm. So, I vote to remove the word “race” from referencing those not from our culture *after all, the only race that really matters is the HUMAN race*, and we should all start afresh, with hearts and minds opened wide, in order to be appreciate the little things in life. Like water, sunshine, the smell right before and after it rains, and our own communities of friends, family and neighbours.


Whoopie Goldberg, Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonald at the UN discussing human rights.

Battlestar Galactica at the UN.

Now I’ve re-read this, I see I’m a little preachy, but hey, who cares, no ones really reading this yet :p And those who have stumbled across my site somehow, welcome. Here’s a link to something I find incredibly inspirational, BSG at the UN, discussing human rights. Yes, I loved this show, and in my mind it runs as a tie with Firefly (my all time FAVORITE scifi show).

To end *again, something you should never say when writing, but I’m being adventurous* there’s a couple of pics of me through the years. If you’re gonna comment on them, be nice, I bruise easily! :p

Working on making "The Eyes".

Me and my brother and my mom 🙂

My mom, dad and me.

My mom, dad and me! Also, the last time you’ll see my honey golden hair :p

My awesome Bro, when he still had a fringe.

My awesome brother Luke, back when he still had a fringe.

Fun in the sun.

Myself, with my big sis Barbara, Jeanieve and Leandi, in Vero Beach, Florida.

Mac is an awesome guy I met my first season in the states, and we've remained good friends through the years.

Myself and Mac hanging out.

I went and was a part of it, New York, New York! If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere ...

Starts humming: I went and was a part of it, New York, New York! If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere … it’s up to me, New York, New Yooork! :p

Hanging out on the Boulevard.

Myself at the beach in Jersey. *Sigh* a perfect day!

Dancing to "Sweet Talk Radio - Dotted Lines" on our wedding day. It was like something out of a fairytale! :D

Me and my Mr. at our wedding, dancing to our first song as hubby and wife.

So Ja ne, Au revoir, Totsiens, Hasta Mañana
or as I like to say,
Until next time,
Daughter of Dreams ^_~

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