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Hello lovelies,

And welcome back! ^_^ During July I had the chance to explore the town of Tulbagh, on a #visitWitzenberg trip with our content team. After spending a weekend here, I can safely say that Tulbagh is one of my new favourite gems in the Western Cape.

The lush winelands, beautiful country homes, charming cafes, friendly locals, and outdoor wildlife definitely made the trip memorable. Instead of gushing on about our time here, check out the photo’s below, and let me know what you think of Tulbagh! ^_^

Guinevere Guest Farm (C) Roseanna McBain

A visit to Guinevere Guest Farm resulted in driving along country lanes, tasting heavenly olive oils and wines (including a Pomegranate one), making friends with Shasha their friendly puppy, and touring the property.


The cosy Saronsberg Vineyard cottages were our home during our #visitWitzenberg trip, and wow, is the property is gorgeous! The cellar tour and wine tasting is well priced, and highly recommended – I loved the 2012 Saronsberg Shiraz.

Things I love (C) Roseanna McBain

Things I Love decor (C) Roseanna McBain

If you want to eat out while here, I can say that Things I Love, and Readers Restaurant & Curious Cat Cafe, in the heart of Tulbagh, serve delicious dishes. Both also have plenty of eclectic items available for sale.


With snow on the Matroosberg mountains, our team took a day trip out to Ceres early on Saturday morning, and I finally had my chance to touch snow, and build a snowman! If you plan on going to see snow in Ceres, going in a 4×4 or bakkie is recommended. Pack a second set of shoes and socks, wear gloves, a warm hat, hiking shoes, and take a bottle of water – the muddy hike up will ensure you’re thirsty when you reach the snow-playground.

Ceres Zipline Adventures (C) Roseanna McBain

While in Ceres, do go on a zipline tour. It’s fast-paced fun high above the river and you’ll get outstanding views of the area. No prior experience is necessary, as the guides will explain the what’s and how’s you need to know.


Until next time,

Ja ne,

Daughter of Dreams


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Hello darlings,

Thanks for tuning in again! ^-^

Sorry for not updating in ages, but as they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and here’s what I’ve been up to:



Going to Indaba was an incredible four-day adventure which consisted of meeting interesting people, creating brand awareness and networking, and of course, bonding with my wonderful work colleagues.

African Sensations Lodge and Spa (C) Roseanna McBain

During Indaba we stayed at African Sensations Lodge and Spa, which is a little European-styled gem in Morningside. If you need to stay somewhere close to Durban central, I can highly recommend them! I’ll link to my “what I packed for Indaba” post soon enough – as I’m amazed that I fitted everything I needed into a weekender bag! Can you believe I’ve finally joined the ranks of minimalistic packers?

Half Day Bus Tour (C) Roseanna McBain


Don't miss the bus (C) Roseanna McBain

In June, I went on a half-day bus tour with  the amazing Elana E. We rode in style on a Hylton Ross bus, and stops included Andiamo Restaurant in the Cape Malay Quarter, Lagoon Beach Hotel in Blouberg Strand, and the gorgeous wine estate of Allée Bleue in Franschhoek. To keep spirits high during our #dontmissthebus trip, there were some interactive bus games provided by Dynamic Corporate Activities. All in all it was an educational and fun trip, with lots of special moments in between.

Rosie and Darryn @ Once in Cape Town

If you’ll be heading to the Mother City anytime soon, a stay at Once in Cape Town is highly recommended! This backpackers offers kitted-out rooms, good value pricing, a full restaurant and bar, and very friendly and helpful staff. They also organise weekly events, such as movie nights at and braais!

vWeekend trips and beauty (C) Roseanna McBain

With some sunny days in between all the rain and cold Cape Town was throwing at us, afternoon trips to Kalk Bay, Tokai forest, and sunset drives were in order, to fully make use of the rare, warm spells.

My beautiful sister and Ava.

My beautiful sister Desiree gave birth to my equally gorgeous niece, Ava Sophia. Welcome to the world little one! ^_^

The Hollow Cast (C) Roseanna McBain

And I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get on stage again as Doris the maid, in “The Hollow”. It’s an Agatha Christie crowd-pleaser, and the cast and crew were wonderful! I ended up doing an acting workshop right after the show ended – which was quite insightful – and helped to combat those post-production blues!


As you can see, I’ve been a busy, busy girl!

I have a few more upcoming trips for July and August, so you’ll get another photoblog update soon!

Until next time,

Daughter of Dreams

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Hello darlings,

Rosie and Darryn- found you

Welcome back. I’m kicking off my November post with the details of the amazing photo shoot hubby and I did with Lynda J, a friend, fellow actress, and talented all-round awesome person. We did our shoot last weekend, and if you’re ever looking for a photographer for events, weddings, birthdays, baby pics, or what have you, in Cape Town, definitely keep her in mind.

As light is important, we met at 08:30 in a secluded little grove near Tokai forest. There was a light breeze, the trees were illuminated by the gentle glow of the rising sun, and hubby and I gave our suggested poses list a final glance before climbing out the car and meeting Lynda in the field. I sadly didn’t think to take some of my own snaps of the setting before we started, but below, you can see some of the pics Lynda took of us (they were all gorgeous, but these are my favourites).

Rosie and Darryn intertwined hearts

Rosie and Darryn in the field

Rosie and Darryn wishes in the wind

Some of you may have noticed, I’m wearing 3 different outfits, and I can say that quick changes in the theatre are a breeze compared to doing so in public. You can’t see it in the pictures, but there were people walking dogs, joggers, and even an entire family who wandered past us, so if you do a photo shoot with clothing changes, take a fairly large towel, and save your dress (if you’re wearing one) for last (or first) as pants are easy to slip on underneath.

Rosie and Darryn- just hanging out

Rosie and Darryn- you've got my heart

Rosie and Darryn laughter in the sunshine

Rosie and Darryn hello there

Rosie and Darryn kissing

Lynda perfectly captured the free-spirited fun that Darryn and I share. The quirkiness, trust, and above all – love, was beautifully translated into all the photo’s taken with her. If you’re in the area, and are looking for a wedding photographer, someone to take your portrait photo, and make you feel at ease, Lynda is definitely your gal. 

Hmm, following on from this post, I may do a list of photography poses and props at some point, so keep your eyes peeled. ;0)

Ja ne until next time.


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Forest Canopy

Hello lovely people,

As promised, here is a ‘quick’ overview of our recent contents team trip to Knysna and Plettenberg Bay.

Perregrine Restaurant interior

Overview of Itinerary and our trip


– Hubby and I left home at 06:00 and set out to Grabouw, our first stop along the way. We were going to meet up with Peter and Dani to get some warm food and a caffeine fix at Peregrine Farm Stall, before we started our 4 1/2 hour drive to Knysna.


The drive from our house to Sir Louwrie’s Pass flew by, but as we ascended into the fog covered peak, the rain started bucketing down, to the point where we could hardly see the road, let alone the dangerous edges of the mountain pass. We were lucky to have a truck in front of us which blocked most of the rain, but the slow crawl up and over was nerve-wracking to say the least. After a warm welcome and some great food, we headed out onto the road.

After 2 hours on the road passing farms, sheep, cows, valleys, mountains, watching the various shades of green and yellow landscapes drift past in succession, we arrived at our halfway point: the town of Riversdale  which is home to a jail from the 1800s called the Ou Tronk.

Where it once held prisoners, it now holds a wonderland of antiques, arts and crafts. It’s intriguing to wander through it, and view a beautiful courtyard with lollypop trees, antiques, store rooms and nicknacks.

Kings Gift1 (Darryn)

We finally reached Knysna and made our way to the beautiful cabin in the woods (Kings Gift).

mitchells gropu shot

From there, we raced into town to grab a bite to eat, before we began our Mitchell’s Brewery Tour and Tasting. Dave McRae, our host, tour guide, brew master, and beer aficionado, gave us the low down on how they craft their various beers and took us for a walk through the brewery. The tour was informative and entertaining, and once it ended, it was time to taste the fruit of the hardworking craft brewers. Round after round of beer was served to us by Dave and his lovely daughter Sandy, who certainly has her father’s quick smile and good sense of humour. The craft beers left me with impressions of bitter, sweet, malty, rich, creamy, sparkling, and definitely tasty! In no particular order, the beers we tasted were:

Michells-Brewery-by-Des clinking glasses

  • The Forester’s Lager which was my second favourite beer, was refreshing and slightly sweet.
  • The Bosun’s Bitter was good, but a bit too bitter for my liking, though my hubby and the other males with us quite enjoyed it.
  • The 90 Shilling Ale was also good, and Dave informed us that it’s often the drink chosen by those who are entering the Knysna Marathon (held during the Oyster Festival period) to carbo-load on.
  • Milk & Honey Ale was a dark-coloured ale that carried a faint scent of milk and honey, and left a slightly sweet taste behind.
  • The Mitchell’s Cider was the clear winner for me (yes, I’m aware it’s not a beer) as it was bubbly, carried the taste and scent of apples, and I could easily see myself drinking it at a braai with friends, or at a cocktail do.
  • The Raven Stout was my 3rd favourite, as (and please nobody shoot me) it reminded me a fair bit of Guinness, being both creamy, rich, and filling.
  • Old Wobbly Lager: I found hard to make my mind about this one, as there was nothing inherently wrong with it’s colour, taste, or scent, but I think perhaps because the alcohol content in it was rather high, it was one of my lowest rated tastings (do try it though, as you may like it).
  • Finally, there was Milkwood, which is a 1/2 Forester’s Lager, and 1/2  Bosun’s Bitter mixture. Though this one was unfortunately unavailable during our tasting, it’s a clear winner for the locals.

Mitchell's Brewery best photo

Our Whale Watching tour with Springtide Charters had to unfortunately be pushed back to Sunday morning, as when evening fell the lagoon waters were a bit too choppy to navigate safely out the harbour.  Instead, Evelyn (wife and co-owner of Springtide Charters) popped down to Mitchell’s so I could interview her while the others made merry inside with the local crowd.

She was a vivacious, bubbly person, who easily switched between making jokes, stating facts, and earnestly talking about conservation efforts of both the lagoon, and local schools, that I quickly fell under her spell and even today I remain in awe of her conversational prowess. A half hour later, with a notebook full of information, I bid her adieu, and headed back inside for my glass of Sparkling Mitchell’s Cider, and mingle with the ‘honorary members’ of Mitchell’s. The small crowd of locals who gathered at Mitchell’s most Friday nights were funny, interesting, and quick to engage us in conversation. As the stars came up we headed back to the cabins for an evening braai to replenish ourselves, before we all retreated to our separate bedrooms to try and sleep before our early morning start on Saturday .

Click to read about our Saturday adventures of walking with cheetahs! ^_^

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