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Hello darlings,

Thanks for tuning in again! ^-^

Sorry for not updating in ages, but as they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and here’s what I’ve been up to:



Going to Indaba was an incredible four-day adventure which consisted of meeting interesting people, creating brand awareness and networking, and of course, bonding with my wonderful work colleagues.

African Sensations Lodge and Spa (C) Roseanna McBain

During Indaba we stayed at African Sensations Lodge and Spa, which is a little European-styled gem in Morningside. If you need to stay somewhere close to Durban central, I can highly recommend them! I’ll link to my “what I packed for Indaba” post soon enough – as I’m amazed that I fitted everything I needed into a weekender bag! Can you believe I’ve finally joined the ranks of minimalistic packers?

Half Day Bus Tour (C) Roseanna McBain


Don't miss the bus (C) Roseanna McBain

In June, I went on a half-day bus tour with  the amazing Elana E. We rode in style on a Hylton Ross bus, and stops included Andiamo Restaurant in the Cape Malay Quarter, Lagoon Beach Hotel in Blouberg Strand, and the gorgeous wine estate of Allée Bleue in Franschhoek. To keep spirits high during our #dontmissthebus trip, there were some interactive bus games provided by Dynamic Corporate Activities. All in all it was an educational and fun trip, with lots of special moments in between.

Rosie and Darryn @ Once in Cape Town

If you’ll be heading to the Mother City anytime soon, a stay at Once in Cape Town is highly recommended! This backpackers offers kitted-out rooms, good value pricing, a full restaurant and bar, and very friendly and helpful staff. They also organise weekly events, such as movie nights at and braais!

vWeekend trips and beauty (C) Roseanna McBain

With some sunny days in between all the rain and cold Cape Town was throwing at us, afternoon trips to Kalk Bay, Tokai forest, and sunset drives were in order, to fully make use of the rare, warm spells.

My beautiful sister and Ava.

My beautiful sister Desiree gave birth to my equally gorgeous niece, Ava Sophia. Welcome to the world little one! ^_^

The Hollow Cast (C) Roseanna McBain

And I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get on stage again as Doris the maid, in “The Hollow”. It’s an Agatha Christie crowd-pleaser, and the cast and crew were wonderful! I ended up doing an acting workshop right after the show ended – which was quite insightful – and helped to combat those post-production blues!


As you can see, I’ve been a busy, busy girl!

I have a few more upcoming trips for July and August, so you’ll get another photoblog update soon!

Until next time,

Daughter of Dreams


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My luxury cosmetic goodies.

Hello lovelies,

I hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine filled week so far, because I know I am! As promised, below you’ll find my review on some of the fantastic body and beauty products  I picked up for a song at the Luxury Cosmetics sale.

The company, Luxury Cosmetics, is situated in Westlake Business Park, and they have numerous world-renowned beauty brands available; from Smashbox and Model Co, to Yves Rocher and Decleor, meaning there’s something for every skin type and budget!! The atmosphere is pretty festive, with products lining the walls, gift bags available, as well as a good number of beauty reps and interested person’s attending. For those interested, their next sale date is 29 November, so maybe I’ll catch you there! ^_~

Tip: If you’re planning to attend, remember to take only cash – with a minimum of R200 – trust me, it’s pretty easy to want to just keep adding items to your bag (though for those who are here to shop for everything, there is the option to do an EFT from one of their pay points).

Now, on to the reviews!

Yves Roches cleansing water PurBleuet

Yves Rocher Pur Bleuet

You can laugh if you want to, but the cleansing joy of my life used to be apple cider vinegar diluted in water. It was cost-effective, if a bit smelly, and beautifully removed make-up and dirt, while toning my skin in the process. I never thought I’d stray from this tried and true method, but then I discovered Pur Bleuet, a cleansing water for your face, from Yves Rocher. The light purple bottles lined up in a row made me curious when I first spotted them, and after seeing the cost-effective price tag, I thought why not buy one and give it a try?

Apart from a light scent, the cornflower water has a gel-like consistency, so watch out when you first apply it onto your cotton ball. It goes on smoothly, feels pretty soothing, and I’ve used 3/4 of it for the 3 months I’ve had it. As it stands, I’m hoping there’ll be another bottle or two for me to purchase at the upcoming sale, because this item highly deserves a place in my beauty routine, and it’s also what I used to remove the cornflour dye from hubby and I after the Colour me Crazy run.

After reading up on Yves Rocher, I was happy to learn that they’re one of the first companies to stand against animal testing, and secondly, that they harvester, manufacturer and distribute all their botanical beauty products.

Payot products

Payot, Paris

Since I’ve never seen Payot products lining shelves of my usual haunts, I had no idea on what it was I was missing out on! Their skin care range is well-suited to sensitive skins, and though I’m blessed with pretty good skin, it does tend to bulk at anything with too many chemicals in it.

From the sale I got:

Resilience Serum

Night Cream

Tightening Serum – not pictured (yes, yes, I’m pretty young to use this, but since I smile – a lot – I have noticed some fine lines starting by my eyes *le eek*!

All in all I’ve noticed my skin just soaks up the Payot serums and moisturizers, without any greasy after-effects (bearing in mind that I’m not plastering this stuff on, I’m using a small amount each time to properly cover my face, neck, and decolletage). From the girl who washed her face nightly with soap, cleansed with apple cider, and threw on any old moisturiser to seal the deal (or just smeared on Vaseline), I think I’ve definitely stepped up to the plate now I’m getting older (and hopefully smarter).

The next set of products to be reviewed include a Model Co Fiber Lash extension, Decleor moisturiser and mask, and the Smashbox eyeshadow trio.

And now it’s your turn to share with me, the facial products you swear by!

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Closet space. By perspicacious (Flickr)

Hello darlings,

I hope you’re all enjoying the warmer weather that’s finally rolled around. Though it’s certainly pretty windy, the sunshine more then makes up for the rather late spring (in November!) this year.

What am I up to? Well, I’m sitting down with a steaming cup of coffee while musing about my wardrobe. For the past week for work I’ve been trawling through dozens of websites and pins, suggesting what clothing and beauty items to pack, and what the must-have’s are for flights and road trips, so you fit everything necessary into only a carry-on bag.

The top tips that all the posts seemed to agree on are:

  • Only take items you love – as you’ll wear then everything packed, and cut out adding ‘what if’ items you wont unpack.
  • Three t-shirts and two tank tops seems to appear on every list – so invest in quality ones to choose between
  • Bring versatile options like pretty sandals and a sundress – which you can wear from the beach to a night out on the town.
  • Choose your accessories wisely – as they can dress you up or down (scarves, necklaces, belts, etc)

It could just be the sites I went to, but 80% of the ‘packing tip’ writers seem to have done their own wardrobe overhaul around or over 6 months ago (and there are a lucky few who seem to have just been born with good taste). This matters because they now seem to live with the perfect wardrobe for daily wear, and because of that, they can now easily pick what to pack on their trips. If you’ve done something similar, please comment and share how you overhauled your wardrobe, and/or became a packing pro.

On my end, while I’m perfectly happy with my current clothing inventory, I have started noticing some clothing gaps, along with several items I love, but just don’t wear anymore (and though I hate to admit it, it’s probably a good time to donate them). Transitional items that work though the seasons seem to be missing (like cardigans), while other items (like winter knits) I have an abundance of.

Jeans and a t-shirt - yup, that's me ^_^

Personally, I have a very laid back style – I’m a jeans, sandals, and t-shirt kinda girl – but it’s about time for me to start investing in clothing that fills my current list of ‘missing items’, and choose them in colours that compliment my skin tone. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I’m going to abandon all my comfy dark-hued t-shirts for pastel blouses, but I am going to start buying t-shirts that will look just as good on me when I’m hiking, as they will for a day spent wine tasting, or working at the office. And while we’re on the topic of items to get, some pretty sandals are definitely in order, so I can finally bid adieu to my two pairs of raggedy foam flip flops that I always reach for in warmer weather.

Now that I’ve put my current wardrobe states out there, I’d love it if you shared what tips you have found useful when spring cleaning your wardrobe?

Until next time sweetie.


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Hello darlings,

Rosie and Darryn- found you

Welcome back. I’m kicking off my November post with the details of the amazing photo shoot hubby and I did with Lynda J, a friend, fellow actress, and talented all-round awesome person. We did our shoot last weekend, and if you’re ever looking for a photographer for events, weddings, birthdays, baby pics, or what have you, in Cape Town, definitely keep her in mind.

As light is important, we met at 08:30 in a secluded little grove near Tokai forest. There was a light breeze, the trees were illuminated by the gentle glow of the rising sun, and hubby and I gave our suggested poses list a final glance before climbing out the car and meeting Lynda in the field. I sadly didn’t think to take some of my own snaps of the setting before we started, but below, you can see some of the pics Lynda took of us (they were all gorgeous, but these are my favourites).

Rosie and Darryn intertwined hearts

Rosie and Darryn in the field

Rosie and Darryn wishes in the wind

Some of you may have noticed, I’m wearing 3 different outfits, and I can say that quick changes in the theatre are a breeze compared to doing so in public. You can’t see it in the pictures, but there were people walking dogs, joggers, and even an entire family who wandered past us, so if you do a photo shoot with clothing changes, take a fairly large towel, and save your dress (if you’re wearing one) for last (or first) as pants are easy to slip on underneath.

Rosie and Darryn- just hanging out

Rosie and Darryn- you've got my heart

Rosie and Darryn laughter in the sunshine

Rosie and Darryn hello there

Rosie and Darryn kissing

Lynda perfectly captured the free-spirited fun that Darryn and I share. The quirkiness, trust, and above all – love, was beautifully translated into all the photo’s taken with her. If you’re in the area, and are looking for a wedding photographer, someone to take your portrait photo, and make you feel at ease, Lynda is definitely your gal. 

Hmm, following on from this post, I may do a list of photography poses and props at some point, so keep your eyes peeled. ;0)

Ja ne until next time.


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Hello there lovelies,

Me at the Impi Challenge. By RoseMcBain

Gosh, what a busy time it’s been!  I seriously need to get myself a better laptop in the upcoming months, as my  sweet little MSI from 2009 is long past it’s good years. It has a tendency to freeze every 5 minutes, for 5 minutes and though I’m fairly patient, it’s bringing me to the point of smashing my head into the keyboard, or tossing it out the window! Writing, gaming, and editing photo’s are a fun pass time for me, but there are only so many tea-breaks you can take, while the computer freezes and thinks, before the urge to scream begins to build inside. *le dramatic sigh*

Rope. By alykat (Flickr)

Aside from wanting to off my computer, what have I been doing? Well, since the start of October, I’ve been prompting twice a week for an upcoming show at the Masque Theatre called “Rope”. I won’t give too much away for those of you going to see it, but the cast is superb, the set will be amazing, and it’s a clever story on friendship, murder, staying calm under pressure, and ultimately, learning there is no such thing as the perfect crime. It’s heading to the Masque Theatre in Muizenberg at the end of November, so be sure to book your tickets!

Impi Challenge friends by RoseMcBain

I haven’t been hiding out indoors, despite the temperamental weather, and recently, hubby ran the Impi Challenge in Cape Town with team Dude. As hubby *the sexy man he is* geared up for the event, Mama Di and I wandered around the beautiful Lievland wine estate, and enjoyed the festive outdoors atmosphere. There were plenty of food and drink stands around, and this year, the organisers brought in some portable showers, so the hardy contenders could scrub off the mud and grime, before heading home, or enjoying the bands who played late into the evening.

impi challenge views by RoseMcBain

I was lucky to be chosen to sound the horn for Hubby’s race, and being an air-horn it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be (I played the trumpet and saxophone in high school, so an air horn was a breeze). My friend Peach, shown above, was in team Sparta, and they also went in hubby’s race group, so when I sounded the horn they ran like crazy for the zigzagging hill to start the challenging but fun 12km race and obstacle course. If you’re rolling your eyes and wondering how intense the Impi really could be, you should know obstacles included crawling under barbwire, scaling a tall wooden fence, crawling through a pipe, swimming a lake, wading through mud, running like hell, and the final challenge: racing across lilypads to the finish. When Team Dude did finish, they got their turn to have a photograph with the winners Impi shield, and happily went in for some beers and food. 

Colour run participants. By RoseMcBain

I also attended the “Colour Me Crazy Colour Run” with hubby. Fantastic event, gorgeous scenery, some cute ostriches, and hundreds of people. If you wind up going to one of these events in the future, please, please, please do yourself a favour and take some antihistamines with you – the dry grass, wind, and colourful paints tossed about are not a friend to those with hay fever or sinus issues. Even with a buff, as  I was taking photo’s, I couldn’t stop sneezing – and ended up half-crying from it (though the pics turned out fine). Two and a bit hours in, hubby and I had to admit defeat, and headed to the nearest pharmacy for some eye drops and Texa10. A half hour later, we were feeling great again!

Halloween fun day. By RoseMcBain

Our Fun day Friday work theme was Halloween, and the team did an amazing job at decorating the room, as well as proving yummy eats! The costumes were creative and fun, and there was even spooky music playing, to help set the mood.

Model Co Gift Bag. By RoseMcBain

For those wondering, I’ve been trying out some wonderful skin care products bought at the beginning of last month, to be reviewed in an upcoming post, and I must say, they are fantastic at soothing my skin (and came in super handy after the Colour Run, to get the dye colours off our skin and hair too!).

Lynda J Photography gift certificate. By RoseMcBain

The most exciting thing so far happened this past weekend, where hubby and I got to redeem a voucher for a couples photo shoot in the forest, with the wonderful Lynda J! Story on the shoot and pics coming soon – but as a quick summary: Fantastic!!!

On a slightly down note, I’ve also managed to get a squashed pointer finger in the car door by a friend accidentally closing it *le ouch*, but totally my fault as finger was in the way. Hubby said he was amazed I was so brave, as I didn’t shout, swear, or cry, I just repeated a couple of times “You’ve locked the car on my finger … my finger’s in the car door”. I felt a blinding white pain, and my “Keep calm and Carry On” instincts kicked in, allowing me to keep a level head. I won’t bore you with the details of the doctors visit (that included a 45 minute wait), and just surmise by saying typing is a bit slow, and the finger in question is still pretty painful to touch. (If you’re squeamish, scroll quickly past the pic of it below).

My finger 4 hours after it was squished. By RoseMcBain

Now, a week later, apart from a bright blue nail and healing cuts (for which I was taking pain meds for), I’ve been keeping it elevated (why hello there, one-handed hug) and rubbing Arnica oil on it (gingery, very gingery). With all this TLC, I have the feeling it’ll get better soon (I hope)!  The doctor said I’ll likely keep my nail, so all in all, no harm, no foul. ^_^

I will be catching up with everything I’ve missed out on, due to le finger, so as soon as I have a spare moment, I’ll get all the pics and posts up.

Until next time,
Ja ne minna

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Howdy folks,

It’s another grey day with smatterings of sunshine now and again in Cape Town. We’ve got our #madtea today for our Funday Friday so there’ll be some pics later for you to view. Since last night was a late one, I didn’t have time to pull together a super costume for it, but I did manage to cobble together a decent female mad hatter outfit, so yay! Some pics from the madtea shown below.

First up are the wonderful organisers as the Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit, Alice, and the Mad Hatter.

The awesome MadTea organisers



The table of eats and decor

The yummy jello shooters on a cupcake tree - no vodka, but sour worms!

The above two pics are of the decor of the room, and the jello desserts in the dining area – no vodka I’m afraid (we still had to work, after all), but the sour worms and sprinkles kept things interesting.

What’s new? Well, Hubby got to go see the incredible Madam Zingara at the waterfront last night (so, so jealous!) as a last-minute work event – and – he’s agreed to take me next year since I’ve never been able to go before!! 😀 *does dance of joy*  I did front of house at the Masque Theatre last night, which is always fun, plus all the cool theatre peeps were out and about so got to do some catching up with them. In case you don’t know, A Handful of Friends is showing at the Masque theatre, and it’s final performance will be tomorrow night – so get tickets and come and support!

In other news, my nasty cold is almost completely gone (just that darn cough still lingering), so feeling 100% better than before.

Also, I’ll be house-sitting for the next 2 weeks, so there may be an update at some point … or not.  ^_~

I’m so, so, so sleepy today – as in eyes keep wanting to close – but another cup of coffee may do the trick (is 4+ cups of coffee a day a bad thing? It seems to do the trick.

Ja ne for now.

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Teatime by Tico24 (Flickr - attribution)

Gosh, it’s been almost a month since I last posted – eek! And no, there are no pictures for this post because I’m feeling lazy (if you could only hear my heart-wrenching cough you’d forgive me). You can however check out my newly added twitter feed on the right hand  side … somewhere …it is showing, right? The text for inserting the widget was a wee bit confusing since it told me to add my handle in too on the help page #epic fail. Once I figured out that it was only the number string for the id that the widget wanted, I was A for away … I think. ^_~

Where am I? Well, I’m now sitting at home, cuddled up in a fluffy microfiber blanket, drinking a piping hot (and yucky) med lemon for my current cold – hubby’s not to blame – though he did have it first – as he did his best to avoid me, but I’m persistent and I love kisses! ^_~

So I lied, here’s another picture for you. Click on it to read a cool post on writers block.

Crushed dreams, crumpled paper. By photosteve101 (Flickr attribution)

What have I been up to? Well, I did a brief stint as a freelance travel writer on my off-hours from work, only to be nicely told by my directors (after I told them about it – smart or stupid, you decide) that I’m technically not allowed to do any freelance travel writing *facepalms*. So no building up to become a world-famous travel writer, or build my Google authorship credentials in my down time (which in turn would have helped the company credentials coming full circle for symbiosis, but alas, they think it will detract from my writing for them).  As it stands, any freelance work outside of travel writing is fine since it’s not in direct conflict with my awesome day job. Oh catch 22 how I do love you. On that note, anyone want some freelance blogging on lifestyle, fitness, home & garden or gadgets? I can also do editing, ghostwriting, and proof reading (and am a sci-fi and fantasy nut)! 😀

In hindsight, since it wasn’t expressly forbidden in my contract, but it was murky enough, I could should have checked before accepting the awesome out-of-the-blue offer to do it, but cest la vie as they say in France. Now I know, and hey, that’s how life works sometimes. No hard feelings on any side, I got a brief taste of what freelancing was like, and a nice reminder my travel writing is decent (insert heroic pose here).

I’m pretty sure half the reason I considered freelancing (the other half was monetary since hubby and I want to buy property) was because I spend 80% of my day doing website admin and reviews, and just under 15% on writing and researching. So yes, my posts on my work blog haven’t been dazzling inspirations, but a lot of them have been in the making for the last few months, so at least they’re now out there. I miss writing over 5 posts a day – I rocked at it, but as the company grows, more time is devoted to admin. Le sigh.

All the work/writing stuff aside, I’m happy to say that hubby and I had an awesome time in Hermanus with our friends. I’m a bit ashamed to say that it was my first trip out to that fantastic whale-watching town, but I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend away, and now know how to  make a burger from scratch (so it tastes amazing!). If you’re in the area, check out the restaurant Coco’s, and try to catch the amazing (I fell in love with them) Gypsy James. If you head to the club around the corner (Stratos / Strios?) you can enjoy some decent music and dancing (and watch incredibly talented street children jamming along to the beats outside, they won’t say no to any coins you may give them when you exit the club out the front).

Well, that’s it from me today. I’m going to go back to some Facebook games, and then climb into a warm bed. If the rain lets up in the week, you may get to see some photo’s from around town. I’ve been thinking of entering into the 365 days photography challenge, but need to first practice my shots for a bit. ^_^

Ja ne till next time.

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