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My December 2013

Hello darlings,

Welcome back. I hope you’ve had a Christmas break, and are gearing up for New Years.

What have been up to since my last post? Well …

Flowers from work and prezzies

There was my birthday, which started with flowers from my work, and prezzies from my friends!

Hubby and I at Polana

That evening, my wonderfully hubby took me to Polana, in Kalk Bay, for a romantic supper with a view!

Polana in pictures

And after we were sated with some delicious sea food, we took a coastal drive, and stopped to admire the view.

Boyes drive view.

Saturday was a night of catching up with my friends done at The Toad on the Road.

Toad on the Road memories

The next day there was Christmas cake decorating from scratch, at the McBain clans home.

Cake making at Zitas

The winners in order, were from right to left. ^_^ It was a ton of fun, and we’re hoping to do it again for Christmas 2014.

McBain cakes

You’d think I’d be pretty exhausted from 5+ hours standing and decorating, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But since it was a day of food crafting, hubby joined me later for a night of home-made pizza making at the McLeods. It was, in short, fun to do, and really, really yummy!

2013-12-16 17.46.41

Of course, since I hadn’t done anything with my family for my birthday, I quickly rectified that by doing breakfast with them the following week at the River Cafe, in Constantia. It has a lovely outdoor atmosphere, friendly staff, may be considered a tiny bit  pricey, but I have to say the price tag is definitely in line with the food served.

The River Cafe breakfast

We also did lunch with Barbara, Jose, and friends at Blue Peters, in Blouberg. It was a stunning day there, with sunshine, the scent of the ocean, a  beautiful outlook, and some great food!

Blue Peter


And that about wraps up what I’ve been up to in December 2013.

Let me know what your last few December days were like.



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My luxury cosmetic goodies.

Hello lovelies,

I hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine filled week so far, because I know I am! As promised, below you’ll find my review on some of the fantastic body and beauty products  I picked up for a song at the Luxury Cosmetics sale.

The company, Luxury Cosmetics, is situated in Westlake Business Park, and they have numerous world-renowned beauty brands available; from Smashbox and Model Co, to Yves Rocher and Decleor, meaning there’s something for every skin type and budget!! The atmosphere is pretty festive, with products lining the walls, gift bags available, as well as a good number of beauty reps and interested person’s attending. For those interested, their next sale date is 29 November, so maybe I’ll catch you there! ^_~

Tip: If you’re planning to attend, remember to take only cash – with a minimum of R200 – trust me, it’s pretty easy to want to just keep adding items to your bag (though for those who are here to shop for everything, there is the option to do an EFT from one of their pay points).

Now, on to the reviews!

Yves Roches cleansing water PurBleuet

Yves Rocher Pur Bleuet

You can laugh if you want to, but the cleansing joy of my life used to be apple cider vinegar diluted in water. It was cost-effective, if a bit smelly, and beautifully removed make-up and dirt, while toning my skin in the process. I never thought I’d stray from this tried and true method, but then I discovered Pur Bleuet, a cleansing water for your face, from Yves Rocher. The light purple bottles lined up in a row made me curious when I first spotted them, and after seeing the cost-effective price tag, I thought why not buy one and give it a try?

Apart from a light scent, the cornflower water has a gel-like consistency, so watch out when you first apply it onto your cotton ball. It goes on smoothly, feels pretty soothing, and I’ve used 3/4 of it for the 3 months I’ve had it. As it stands, I’m hoping there’ll be another bottle or two for me to purchase at the upcoming sale, because this item highly deserves a place in my beauty routine, and it’s also what I used to remove the cornflour dye from hubby and I after the Colour me Crazy run.

After reading up on Yves Rocher, I was happy to learn that they’re one of the first companies to stand against animal testing, and secondly, that they harvester, manufacturer and distribute all their botanical beauty products.

Payot products

Payot, Paris

Since I’ve never seen Payot products lining shelves of my usual haunts, I had no idea on what it was I was missing out on! Their skin care range is well-suited to sensitive skins, and though I’m blessed with pretty good skin, it does tend to bulk at anything with too many chemicals in it.

From the sale I got:

Resilience Serum

Night Cream

Tightening Serum – not pictured (yes, yes, I’m pretty young to use this, but since I smile – a lot – I have noticed some fine lines starting by my eyes *le eek*!

All in all I’ve noticed my skin just soaks up the Payot serums and moisturizers, without any greasy after-effects (bearing in mind that I’m not plastering this stuff on, I’m using a small amount each time to properly cover my face, neck, and decolletage). From the girl who washed her face nightly with soap, cleansed with apple cider, and threw on any old moisturiser to seal the deal (or just smeared on Vaseline), I think I’ve definitely stepped up to the plate now I’m getting older (and hopefully smarter).

The next set of products to be reviewed include a Model Co Fiber Lash extension, Decleor moisturiser and mask, and the Smashbox eyeshadow trio.

And now it’s your turn to share with me, the facial products you swear by!

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