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Howdy folks,

It’s another grey day with smatterings of sunshine now and again in Cape Town. We’ve got our #madtea today for our Funday Friday so there’ll be some pics later for you to view. Since last night was a late one, I didn’t have time to pull together a super costume for it, but I did manage to cobble together a decent female mad hatter outfit, so yay! Some pics from the madtea shown below.

First up are the wonderful organisers as the Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit, Alice, and the Mad Hatter.

The awesome MadTea organisers



The table of eats and decor

The yummy jello shooters on a cupcake tree - no vodka, but sour worms!

The above two pics are of the decor of the room, and the jello desserts in the dining area – no vodka I’m afraid (we still had to work, after all), but the sour worms and sprinkles kept things interesting.

What’s new? Well, Hubby got to go see the incredible Madam Zingara at the waterfront last night (so, so jealous!) as a last-minute work event – and – he’s agreed to take me next year since I’ve never been able to go before!! 😀 *does dance of joy*  I did front of house at the Masque Theatre last night, which is always fun, plus all the cool theatre peeps were out and about so got to do some catching up with them. In case you don’t know, A Handful of Friends is showing at the Masque theatre, and it’s final performance will be tomorrow night – so get tickets and come and support!

In other news, my nasty cold is almost completely gone (just that darn cough still lingering), so feeling 100% better than before.

Also, I’ll be house-sitting for the next 2 weeks, so there may be an update at some point … or not.  ^_~

I’m so, so, so sleepy today – as in eyes keep wanting to close – but another cup of coffee may do the trick (is 4+ cups of coffee a day a bad thing? It seems to do the trick.

Ja ne for now.


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Teatime by Tico24 (Flickr - attribution)

Gosh, it’s been almost a month since I last posted – eek! And no, there are no pictures for this post because I’m feeling lazy (if you could only hear my heart-wrenching cough you’d forgive me). You can however check out my newly added twitter feed on the right hand  side … somewhere …it is showing, right? The text for inserting the widget was a wee bit confusing since it told me to add my handle in too on the help page #epic fail. Once I figured out that it was only the number string for the id that the widget wanted, I was A for away … I think. ^_~

Where am I? Well, I’m now sitting at home, cuddled up in a fluffy microfiber blanket, drinking a piping hot (and yucky) med lemon for my current cold – hubby’s not to blame – though he did have it first – as he did his best to avoid me, but I’m persistent and I love kisses! ^_~

So I lied, here’s another picture for you. Click on it to read a cool post on writers block.

Crushed dreams, crumpled paper. By photosteve101 (Flickr attribution)

What have I been up to? Well, I did a brief stint as a freelance travel writer on my off-hours from work, only to be nicely told by my directors (after I told them about it – smart or stupid, you decide) that I’m technically not allowed to do any freelance travel writing *facepalms*. So no building up to become a world-famous travel writer, or build my Google authorship credentials in my down time (which in turn would have helped the company credentials coming full circle for symbiosis, but alas, they think it will detract from my writing for them).  As it stands, any freelance work outside of travel writing is fine since it’s not in direct conflict with my awesome day job. Oh catch 22 how I do love you. On that note, anyone want some freelance blogging on lifestyle, fitness, home & garden or gadgets? I can also do editing, ghostwriting, and proof reading (and am a sci-fi and fantasy nut)! 😀

In hindsight, since it wasn’t expressly forbidden in my contract, but it was murky enough, I could should have checked before accepting the awesome out-of-the-blue offer to do it, but cest la vie as they say in France. Now I know, and hey, that’s how life works sometimes. No hard feelings on any side, I got a brief taste of what freelancing was like, and a nice reminder my travel writing is decent (insert heroic pose here).

I’m pretty sure half the reason I considered freelancing (the other half was monetary since hubby and I want to buy property) was because I spend 80% of my day doing website admin and reviews, and just under 15% on writing and researching. So yes, my posts on my work blog haven’t been dazzling inspirations, but a lot of them have been in the making for the last few months, so at least they’re now out there. I miss writing over 5 posts a day – I rocked at it, but as the company grows, more time is devoted to admin. Le sigh.

All the work/writing stuff aside, I’m happy to say that hubby and I had an awesome time in Hermanus with our friends. I’m a bit ashamed to say that it was my first trip out to that fantastic whale-watching town, but I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend away, and now know how to  make a burger from scratch (so it tastes amazing!). If you’re in the area, check out the restaurant Coco’s, and try to catch the amazing (I fell in love with them) Gypsy James. If you head to the club around the corner (Stratos / Strios?) you can enjoy some decent music and dancing (and watch incredibly talented street children jamming along to the beats outside, they won’t say no to any coins you may give them when you exit the club out the front).

Well, that’s it from me today. I’m going to go back to some Facebook games, and then climb into a warm bed. If the rain lets up in the week, you may get to see some photo’s from around town. I’ve been thinking of entering into the 365 days photography challenge, but need to first practice my shots for a bit. ^_^

Ja ne till next time.

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