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Me, posing at my Primary School Reunion - got a bit of a New Girl thing going on :)

Me, posing at my Primary School Reunion – got a bit of a New Girl thing going on 🙂

Hello lovely people,

I know this post is incredibly belated – and I’m done with making excuses – life gets in the way, and since last year May when I did the play “Eat Your Heart Out”, I then ran headlong into doing props for Blythe Spirit, while at the same time as rehearsing for the Ben Crocker production of Aladdin (as a chorus member .. it was so much fun, and I met so many amazing people!).

The best way to sum up being back in the theatre would be to call it a wonderful, crazy, disjointed, maddening, thrilling, adventure. Thanks to Glee for letting me have the song “As if we never said goodbye (sung by Kurt originally by Barbara Streisand)” running through my head fairly often – which made it a bitter sweet experience being back that first month back in the theatre (as opposed to being in the foyer).

aladdin afterparty

At the Aladdin after party: (Michaela, Me, Marcel, Wayne)

Of course, the full experience was tempered with seeing the odd friend and my family whenever I had a spare moment and I must say I’m proud that I slimmed down a bit, which was an unexpected bonus (bye-bye chin fat!). I also managed not to burn myself out (which I do sadly, have a tendency to do). Sad news is that one of our kittens, Indigo, passed away over the festive season from a blood parasite – it was very sad, as she would have turned one year in January. 😦 It was a sad week, but everyone at the play was very supportive and kind – which was much appreciated.

Now that January is out the way with it’s hectic “back to work” madness, I’m feeling a little more relaxed, but not rested as of yet *sigh*.

What have I been up to lately? Well, since Aladdin finished just before Christmas, I went straight into the festive season, and the run-around we usually do with our families. My birthday/Christmas present to myself (‘cos I only get to have a birthday on the 12/12/12 once in my life) was a Asus Google Nexus 7 – the perfect travel-sized companion for jotting down notes, having a gaming and media centre on the go, and of course, downloading a ton of books (I’m even considering setting up a paypal account, just to pay for those I really want on Kindle). The only downside I currently see is that it’s impossible to connect to the internet while roaming around, but as I mainly use it between work and home, I can live with it 😉

Hubby and me on left, with bride getting given away by her father.

Hubby and me on left, with bride getting given away by her father.

Over Christmas to the end of the first week of January, hubby and I house-sat for friends, kitty-sat for different friends, and I got a weekend away when we went to the wedding of a good friend, which happened out in Yzerfontein (google map it if you don’t know where that is).

The wedding was a lovely affair on the beach, and though it was the brides third wedding to the same man – it was still a special event for all of her friends here in South Africa who couldn’t make the two in Canada (and a laid back affair in comparison to the other two … or so I’ve been told).

The third and fourth week of January was spent playing catch-up with work, and buying ourselves two amazing new pillows each from a wedding voucher we received … two years ago (gosh, it’s our 2nd anniversary this March … time sure flies!).

In other news, hubby wants to try and move us to New Zealand in the next year or two, and we’d spend a few years there, so we can actually earn enough to go travelling around the world – unfortunately on an average South African salary, it’s not that possible to do (unless you want to take out loans, which from all I’ve seen and heard, is a big no-no).

I’ll do an update after Valentine’s Day as we have plans to go back to Yzerfontein for the weekend. I originally wanted to do a romantic weekend away, but hubby got wires crossed, and invited a group of friends we were hoping to take up later in the month. That wasn’t my first choice, but it is guaranteed to be a great experience, so you’ll hear no grouching from me 😉

So Ja ne, au revoir, totsiens,

Until next time.


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