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The brilliant performers from "Eat Your Heart Out"Hi all,

Gosh the weather is miserable in Cape Town today! Rain, wind, and I wouldn’t be surprised if snow followed again some times this week … can I get a brr!!!

So last night was the opening performance of “Eat Your Heart Out”, which coincidentally happens to be my debut to the Theatre world, after being absent from the stage for eight years, (yes, my last performance was in high school … and putting a time frame to that has made me feel very, very old! :p). It was a roaring success, despite a few small hitches which shall not be named, in order to prevent any jinxes, and whatnot during the week of our run.

My fellow thespians are brilliant, and the list of them includes my long-time friend Wayne, sweet and innocent Michaela, humorous Rudy, hysterically funny Daniel and Jana; positive Rebecca, sage Paul and Tobey, jack-of-all-trades Gareth, and of course our wonderful director Tom. Sue, Jabu, and Claire have all been invaluable as well, assisting with costumes, lines, and everything else under the sun! Without them, things would have fallen apart very quickly!

Tonight’s going to be our second performance so keep your fingers crossed for us folks, we’re at the Masque until Saturday, 18th of August!

Until next time,

Daughter of Dreams


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