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When you look at the pic, does it look likes it's moving to you?

Rain rain rain by Alisdair (Flickr).

Rain, rain, go away!
So it’s another nice, wet day in Cape Town, with a chill in the breeze that goes right through your jeans. Thank goodness for filter coffee!

Our internet at work has hit its cap (ie died) and they’ll only be able to purchase more in about a half-hour to 45minutes. I’m writing this in the hopes I’ll get to post it later today …

Hubby surprised me with a new bed set (sheets, pillowcases, duvet) – in a nice african print. It goes wonderfully with the room décor … so I’m very impressed!

I’m looking forward to the upcoming Easter weekend next week … four full days off is going to be heavenly! I plan on sleeping in a bit, going hiking/to the beach (weather dependent), and catching up with friends!

This weekend and upcoming week is rather chock-a-block full! We’ve got a braai with friends tonight, going to friends tomorrow morning, birthday party tomorrow night, Hen party Sunday morning, family round for a belated birthday brunch for my papa, Sunday afternoon. Then a Monday night dinner date, and Tuesday we’ve got a birthday dinner. Sjoe! Keeping nice and busy! Hopefully it’ll burn off some calories – although bikini season is pretty much at an end.

Demi gods and Titans

My hubby and I were lucky enough to go the premier of “Wrath of the Titans – in 3D” courtesy of Popular Mechanics. The movie follows-onto the story of Perseus from “Clash of the Titans” (of which I’ve only seen the original 1981 version, and not the newer remake of it).


It’s fairly well-written, with lots of action scenes and more than a bit of artistic license. If you’re a fan of mythology like me, you’ll love the film purely on that basis – and Toby Kebbell who plays the demi-god Agenor (son of Poseidon) is great at comic relief.

One or two things didn’t quite gel for me (such as Pegasus being black and not white – the end battle scene with Kronos – and also the way they left things with Zeus and Perseus). I’m not going to delve into spoilers – as I think you need to form your own opinion on it – leave a comment if you’ve seen the film and let me know your thoughts.

The flying horse - Pegasus

Pegasus a'la Wrath of the Titans

Favorite moment: The little clock-work owl (which was based on Bubo – Athena’s Owl in the original **quick back story: Zeus told Athena to give her owl to Perseus to help him – so she asked Hapheastus, to forge a mechanical replica which she gave to him instead**) is seen in the scene with Hephaestus (god of the Forge and consort to Aphrodite) – and it looks like it’s the one from the original “Clash of the Titans”!! Had a geeky *squee* moment 🙂

Bubo - the mechanical version of Athena's owl

Bubo - the mechanical version of Athena's owl

Earth Hour

So, this Saturday (31st of March) is when Earth Hour will be taking place. I’ve written a full post about it on my work blog which you can read here.

It’s the first Earth Hour to fall on the same date as the original which was held in 2007, in Sydney Australia. Even if you disagree with the premise of Earth Hour, it’s only one hour out of your year – so do your bit and turn off all non-essential electrical goodies, and spend that time doing quality things with loved ones!


I will if you will - WWF

I will if you will - WWF

That’s all for now ^_^

Daughter of Dreams


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Shocked by David Goehring(Flickr).

Shocked by David Goehring(Flickr).

So I was rather amazed to realise that two months have just flown by, without having updated here! I apologise to the readers out there … and honestly have no good excuse *bad, bad DOD*.


Two great things that have happened since I last updated:

  • My laptop has finally been fixed as of yesterday, after being MIA for the past five months. *Does small squee of joy* – so expect a few catch-up posts in the next week or two (if i can convince my mom-in-law to give it back for a bit ;p).
  • It was my one-year anniversary and my hubby spoilt me quite a bit! He printed up (on canvas) pictures from our wedding and placed them around the house. (Pics to follow). On Monday, he picked me up from work and brought along a dozen red roses, before whisking me away to Bardelli’s restaurant (a quaint little pizza-pasta place in Kenilworth) – which we last went to the night he proposed to me. *Happy sigh* I have an awesome guy! 😀 My gift to him, was a big ‘ol bag of biltong and a nice leather wallet … not quite a paper anniversary gift, but since it will be used to hold “paper” money, it sorta works out 😉

If you’re curious about what I’ve been up to, here’s the low down:


  • The Cruise on the MSC Melody from Cape Town to Namibia was fantastic! I highly recommend cruising if you want five star service, and an array of activities you don’t have to drive miles to (as it’s all on board!). I wrote a work blog post about why it rocked, which you can read here.
  • Namibia was awesome as well – a very stark contrast though to the scenery I’m used to. The streets were a lot wider which is awesome, and the view at the end of the road of looming sand dunes was pretty cool. I did attempt to climb dune 7 – but was wearing flip-flops. Bare feet on hot sand is not a good idea … so if  when we go back, I’ll make sure to wear closed shoes! We got to visit the hospital hubby was born in, as well as visit the lagoon. Next time, a 4×4-ing adventure would be fun as well!
  • Once we got back from the cruise, it was all good for about a week, with braai’s, visiting friends and family, and lots of kitty cuddles. But then the flu struck and put me out of commission for a whole week! To date, I’ve still got a rather disturbing cough so … a visit to the doctor is in order, but I just don’t have the time right now!! 😦


  • I was invited by a close friend to enter a belly-dance display with her. I haven’t really practiced at all since my return to SA in 2007, so a lot of work is going to be needed. Luckily, the event is only happening mid-May, so there’s some time to re-learn everything I’ve forgotten in the past five years … and having wrote that, I feel a little bit old. :p
  • We installed a ceiling fan in the bedroom, to combat the exhausting heat we’ve been having. However, now my kitty Pumba (who adopted me as soon as I met him) doesn’t want to cuddle anymore … he gazes up at the turning blades with terror before bolting out the door. He’s a bit on the tubby side, so to see him move as fast as lighting, kinda drove home that he hates it! We’ve been coaxing him back slowly bit-by-bit, but he’s still not entirely comfortable with it and leaves half-way through the night *Sad sigh*.

    My cute yet slightly diabolical looking (thanks for that Patrick G) little boy - Pumba

    My cute yet slightly diabolical looking (thanks for that Patrick G) little boy - Pumba

  • The two new kittens are fitting in well, although when we feed them morning and night, it’s like they’ve never seen food before! They’ve also developed the annoying habit of sneaking in below the older cats and munching on the food they’re eating … this in turn, upsets the older cats who swat them none-too-gently. Ay-yai-yai …Our solution thus far has been to put food into the kittens bowls first so they can munch, before feeding the older cats. Then a fun game of “Catch the kitten” ensues – as they’ll eat their food for about a minute before wandering over to the bigger cats bowl to try and steal a mouthful or two – but they still have food in their bowl!
  • The anniversary dinner as mentioned above was awesome! I highly recommend their Catalina Salmone pasta – little salmon parcels in a creamy sauce with tomato – heaven!! Their Figaro pizza is also delicious – though this time round Mr. got the Pablo – a simple but delicious pizza, which tastes even more amazing with their chili on the side.

So this is my lighting fast update on where I’ve been, and what’s been happening.

Some more random posts to follow soon!

Ja ne till then,

DOD ^_~

Taken while in Knsyna

Me (DOD) chilling at a mini-waterfall in Knysna - my awesome hubby took the pic

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